Girls With Wiings is an organisation that sows hope and restores the dignity of homeless and underprivileged women. We are currently achieving this by distributing sanitary products monthly and creating job opportunities for homeless and underprivileged women.

The organisation was founded in May 2016 and we are currently based in Cape Town, South Africa. Since inception, we have distributed over 27,000 sanitary pads to women & girls in need. We are currently assisting over 400 women each month. We launched our entrepreneurship project and the Girls With Wiings sanitary pads in November 2021.

Our long-term vision is to restore the dignity of poor and vulnerable women. This means a society where the rights to basic health, sanitation, and menstrual health management for the poor and vulnerable are prioritised and addressed. We are also creating employment opportunities for women to address and eradicate poverty in our society.